The following are globally banned:
- holding Left and Right or Up and Down on the same frame
- Turbo, Autofire and all other forms of automation
- New Game+ of any kind

Timing generally starts on the first frame after getting control (the beginning of 1-1) and ends on losing control (hitting the switch in 8-4/D-4/-3).
For every category a standard version is given. All official versions and accurate emulations of them that are not faster than the standard version (by Fair Time in SMB2j's case) are allowed.

In the case of SMB2j, when FDS is the standard version, there is a "Fair Time" to compare runs on FDS with runs on the Wii NTSC FDS version. All black frames between 4-4 and 5-1 are excluded from the timing and times done on the Wii NTSC Famicom version get multiplied by 59.824/60.098814 since it runs slower by this factor.

NES = Nintendo Entertainment System
SNES = Super Nintendo Entertainment System
FDS = Famicom Disk System
SMB1 = Super Mario Bros.
SMB2j = Super Mario Bros. 2 aka Lost Levels

Standard Versions Edit

Category Standard Version
SMB1 Warpless NES NTSC
SMB2j any% FDS
SMB2j All Stages SNES NTSC
SMB1 Minus World Ending FDS
SMB1 All-Stars any% SNES NTSC
SMB2j FDS Warpless FDS
SMB2j All-Stars any% SNES NTSC
SMB2j All-Stars Warpless SNES NTSC
SMB2j Luigi any% FDS
SMB2j Luigi All Stages SNES NTSC
SMB2j Luigi Beat D-4 SNES NTSC
SMB2j Luigi FDS Warpless FDS
SMB2j Luigi All-Stars SNES NTSC
SMB2j Luigi All-Stars Warpless SNES NTSC